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HR Management

We Help Your HR with 4 Simple Steps...


Expert Record Keeping

Managing paperwork is one of the daunting requirements of having staff. Employers need to know what to store, the space to store it and most importantly… the ability to locate it quickly. Employ-Ease has that capability so clients can rest easy knowing a paper trail is available, but not taking up their physical and time limitations.


Tailored Work Agreements

We can assist in formulating written policy so that managers and employees are working in unison. Having a common understanding of a company’s structure and expectations goes a long way. It ultimately creates a productive, synergistic relationship


Administration and Advocacy

We are a liaison for our clients when it comes to regulations, personnel management, claims, market navigation, and more.


Posters and Notices

Employ-Ease can provide labor posters. For instance, the NYS non-sexual harassment policy poster that is required to be posted around the workplace.