About Us

Employ-Ease has been offering personalized payroll, payroll tax, human resource, insurance and benefits management services to small business since 2001 ~ I have personally worked in the industry for more than 25!

I am sensitive to the pressures placed on owners who are forced to wear many hats to keep their business running. My clients do not have the time or interest to deal with the demanding needs of payroll, benefits and human resources. Government policy, regulation and laws change rapidly and keeping up can be daunting, confusing and costly. Clients rely on Employ-Ease to eliminate these worries and stay in compliance without knowing the what, when and how of all the detail.

Employ-Ease will focus on delivering you exceptional client experience. We are vested in your long-term success. By taking payroll and benefits off your to-do list, you can do the things that continue to grow your business.

Lisa Kretzer — President

Located in Rochester, NY we provide service to Monroe and surrounding counties. Employ-Ease offers the simplest yet most comprehensive way for small business to comply with payroll, insurance and labor regulations.