Employee Payroll

Employees appreciate a timely, accurate paycheck along with peace of mind knowing that New York State Disability, Workers’ Comp and Unemployment Insurances are in place as well as other workplace protections.

Employ-Ease subscribes to a national software provider to guarantee every worker enjoys the rights afforded to them under labor & taxation laws.

Payroll Checks

Withholding - Employ-Ease prints and signs paychecks, deducting FICA, Federal and State income taxes.

Garnishments - From there we make any tax levy or garnishment deductions and send them to the applicable County, State or Federal agency. Employees stay on top of their obligations and out of trouble, with no effort on their part.

Benefit Plans - Additionally, employees who have chosen to enroll in Benefit Plans such as medical, dental, AFLAC, health savings, life insurance, or retirement will see that weekly deduction made. Employ-Ease then pays the fringe benefit plan providers.

Direct Deposit - Most employees enjoy the free direct deposit feature wherein they dictate the account/s to which net pay is automatically credited. There is no charge for that safe, convenient and time-saving feature.

Paycard (Visa®/Debit) - For employees without a bank relationship, or just want the convenience of carrying a Debit Card as the equivalent of cash, Employ-Ease offers employees the option of having their net pay put onto a VISA® debit card instead of getting a live check or direct deposit.

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