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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits with Employ-Ease

Let us take the work out of choosing the employee benefits packages that are ideal for your workforce, including these coverage offerings:

*What are the new requirements and what is SECURE? The “Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement” Act of 2020 is a law that requires certain private employers to automatically enroll employees in a New York State managed retirement plan (Secure Choice Savings Plan). The aim is to help workers whose employer does not already offer payroll deduction retirement options. However, employers do NOT have to default into the NYS Secure Choice Savings Plan. Employ-Ease’s relationship with a certified financial planner means you can set up a cost-free retirement option, tailored to the individual’s needs, that satisfies all the mandated requirements.

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Our Employee Benefits Promise...



Employ-Ease helps attract talent to your business by offering a comprehensive benefits package that meets each employee’s needs. Strong benefit plan offerings position you as a competitive employer.



Encourage great work by reassuring your employees that off-the-job coverages are secure. Employ-Ease helps position your company for more cost-efficiency by  offering valued benefits instead of increasing compensation.



You worked hard to attract and develop your talent – they are an extension of you, a key to your client’s satisfaction, and a contributing factor to your company’s success. Employ-Ease compliments your commitment to supporting loyal employees.