Beyond a paycheck, employees weigh the benefit plans that are offered when finding and remaining at their job. As an established PEO business since 2001, Employ-Ease has built a network of providers and advisors so that our clients view us as their own ‘benefits department’ for questions, concerns and administrative details.

We research, offer, educate and enroll employees in the plans they want with no administrative fee, so that the client and employee is happy and productive. Some benefit plans may be cost prohibitive or even not available to employers with just a few or seasonal employees ~ but they are attainable through Employ-Ease, even for the business owner him/herself.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Employ-Ease acts as an Employer when it comes to the ACA law. We provide the necessary notices and consultation to employees of their rights, Summary Plan Descriptions applications. As all documentation, this is kept electronically filed for years after the worker has left our client's employ. For more details click here.

Medical Insurances*

Employ-Ease offers three MVP medical insurance plans with different levels of coverage and prices to suit the variety of needs that each of our clients and employees have. In addition to assisting those interested in the NYS Exchange Programs. Of course, all plans are ACA compliant.

Dental Insurance*

100% preventative care, 80% basic services and 50% of major care is covered by our Guardian plan.

Vision Insurance*

After $20 copay, enrollees enjoy one free annual eye exam, $130 toward frames, lenses or contacts with the balance at a 35% savings from Davis providers (Vision Works, Pearle, Sears, JC Penney, Target, Sam’s Clubs and Walmart among them).

Health Savings Accounts* (HSA)

Employ-Ease recommends pairing an HSA with a high deductible health plan. An HSA allows employees to set aside money on a pre-tax basis to offset out-of-pocket costs. Money in the account is never lost since it rolls over from year to year, and can even be used after retirement.

* 125 – Pretax plans

Employ-Ease deducts the employee portion of health, dental and vision care pre-tax so that employees pay less in tax for the insurances they need.

Direct Deposit

Employ-Ease will deposit paycheck net amounts directly into one or several accounts at no charge. This is safe, convenient and time-saving. Employees receive a paystub showing the hours worked, wages earned and taxes or benefit plan premiums deducted.

Paycard (Visa® Debit)

For employees without a bank relationship, or just want the convenience of carrying a Debit Card as the equivalent of cash, Employ-Ease offers employees the option of having their net pay put onto a VISA® debit card instead of getting a live check or direct deposit.

Additional Plans Employ-Ease will deduct for

  • Life Insurance
  • Retirement Plans
  • Just ask, we’ll accommodate!


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