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Record Keeping For Employers

A particularly tedious aspect of being an employer is collecting & maintaining a document trail of employment forms each with their own expiration date.  The most time consuming part is usually the task of locating specific forms quickly.  Employ-Ease can solve that.

Here’s a quick guide of some things you need to keep record of:

Personnel – (Keep for one year after end of employ)


        Tax withholding (W-4, IT-2104)

        Immigration (Form I-9 must be kept separately from other employee documents and for minimum 3 years)

        Performance reports, policy violation warnings, pro/demotions, transfers, lay-offs, terminations

        Sexual Harassment Prevention training

        Background checks, drug tests, employment history

Payroll – (Maintain three years after end of employ)

        Employee name, address, SS#, gross wages, deductions, net pay

        Pay Rates, changes, additional pay (commission, bonus)

        Compensation by pay cycle (hourly, shift, salary, OT, commission)

        Allowances as part of wages (tips, meals, lodging)

        Written acknowledgement of pay basis (Form 195)


        Options & Eligibility

        Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD) for medical insurances

        Notice of NY Secure Choice Savings Plan availability for retirement

        Enroll or decline forms

        OSHA exposure, material safety data sheets, medical records

Employ-Ease utilizes DocuWare software to retain & retrieve all our client’s required documentation indefinitely – another way we make it Easy to Employ!

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